Business class – Market day

Every year, the school has a special day in March: Market Day. It is an opportunity for students to sell their products or services, or simply sell what they do not need any more. It usually starts at 1pm and finishes at 3pm. Stalls included Turkish coffee, Swiss chocolates, Korean pork, dance lessons, shoulder massages, and much more.

Our business class used the model of Reality TV show, The Apprentice which we watch each week. Our teachers, Andy and Lyle decided to divide the class, Business English, into two teams, like in the kind of reality show, The Apprentice. There were The Reds and The Hats J The aim of the teams were to make as much profit as they can and to gather some investors.

WE created posters and pamphlets to support our plan and pitch. We put them around the school in a few places. We also sold share certificates to investors to raise capital.

I got into a team with a Japanese girl, Hiromi and an Italian girl, Marta. We did a bit of brainstorming and opted to cook some food for the event as it was obvious that at lunchtime people would be hungry. We decided to make one of each of our nation`s dishes which were Okonomiyaki from Japan, Crostata from Italy and Stew from Hungary.

 Our team ran a Luna Park. We provided four kinds of games such as darts, bowling, quoits and guess how many candies in the jar.  First, we thought students in our school needed the place to relax, Second we could make Luna park from a small initial investment. And third  we could enjoy ourselves to communicate with the other students

We gave a pitch to our fellow students to invest money in our idea. We visited 5 classes.

And to raise money for our business we tried to sell shares to students at $2 each

Then they decorated our stalls for market Day (1 pm – 3 pm)

And began selling

The Wrap up: Both teams wrote a business report, describing and evaluating their performance (including balance sheet and income statement). Parts of which are included here.

Katalin: “I have to admit that in my point of view it was a success. We made a profit and we reached our goal. We were able to give the investors their share plus some profit J Even though we had to change our plan, our dishes were good enough to be sold and the customers liked it. Altogether we were prosperous”

Snapshot: Balance sheet & Profit and Loss Statement

Balance sheet

Assets Liabilities                    0.00 Profit & Loss Statement


Sales                       92.00

Less   Expenses

Ingredients            66.47

Equipment              10.00

Net profit                               15.53

Stock                      66.47  
Cutlery,   plates        10.00 Equity
  Owners                 62.46
  Shareholders        14.00
∑                                  76.47 ∑                                 76.47


As can be seen from our statements, we were able to give our shareholders a dividend, namely 0.40 dollar per share.


Hiromi: “I have to confess that I enjoyed the task, but there were some difficult moments during the preparation period though.”

 Nelson: “It was a good opportunity to learn how to talk with customers”

Natsumi: “learned through the market day, the difficulty of running a company.  Of course we enjoyed the market day, but we couldn’t make a profit. First because the location was mot good. Secondly, some students complained the games are too expensive and the prizes were too small. The last reason was we didn’t use a big sign like “carnival games in room 8” to tell students where we were.

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