Bjork Digital Exhibition at CarriageWorks Multi-Arts Centre

Our Upper Intermediate 3 and our Advanced Class took at trip to The Bjork Exhibition this week with their teacher Andrew.

Bjork 3

Read about Jaime’s experience below ( student from Upper Int 3)

I usually listen to house music, pop music. Also, i like R&B soul and reggae-anything with a deep bass,sound. I’ve been to my friend’s concert or show in Korea. My friends who they are famous reggae musicians in Korea. so, when they have a show or festival, i used to go there.But, if i have the chance, i’d like to go to live concert about these music what i like in Australia. It was my first time to see the BJORK digital exhibition.She is incredible. And this exhibition was a reminder that she is incredible Also, VR (virtual reality) was fantastic new experience for me.

Check out some of Jame’s photos below.

Bjork 4Bjork 7

Bjork 8

Carriage work was my first time. It was difficult for me to understand that bjork wants to tell the message. But it was good experience. Most interesting thing was that I saw from inside the mouth. It was pretty weird but I could do a strange experience. Maybe this exhibition sometimes makes you feel bad. However, some experience is really amazing. If you visit this place, you might be excited.I like to go to LIVE because I can feel more realistic. I’ve been to LIVE which is my favorite bands in Japan. It was so excited. I’ve been to Opera House and Martin place and Botanical Garden and Darling Harbor in the Vivid Festival.Nothing is better than I could communicate with my classmates.(Mitsuaki from Upper 3)

Bjork 5


One cool part of the exhibition was the chance to be a DJ, control random loops on  4 turntables and make your own piece of wax then and there! Here we are with the finished product and and my advanced class- a great experience for new Brazilian student RENAN FRAGA

Such an amazing experience today at the Bjork Digital Exhibition. It s just my first week in Sydney and it was really cool to have this different kind of lesson today with my colleagues. I also had the opportunity to be a DJ for one day, actually it was more than that, I recorded my first electronic music record.” (Renan Fraga Advanced 1 Student)

Check out the finished product below!
bjork dj

Read about Claudia’s experience below.

Yesterday was my first time to Carriageworks, I have never heard about Carriageworks. I though it was amazing.I have never been to LIVE concerts. This was my first time to see and hear Bjork. I enjoyed the experience but I couldn’t understand the Bjork’s message.I have been to Vivid Festival at Opera House this year. I was impressed and so much excited.In my opinion all the people should go to Vivid Festival. It’s a great and wonderful event.

Bjork 10


A really interesting a fun day!











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