Analysing Data: A day in the life of an IELTS student – IELTS2 Day

From the sample of 11 students, our class made a random survey on the respondents’ Job, Pay, Hours of Work Per Week, Visa Type, and Experience Needed in their job.

Overall, more than 50% of our respondents are currently working at the Bar/ Restaurant as Hospitality Agents and the rest are employed evenly as a Personal Trainer, Babysitter, Porter, Software Developer, and Cleaner.

According to the data gathered, Personal Trainer is the highest paid worker at 40AUS per hour, followed by a Babysitter at 28, and a Porter at 22. Although Babysitting ranks second to the highest paid job hourly, it has the most hours of work per week (40hrs), followed by a Porter (20) and then a Personal Trainer (12) which has the least working hours in all categories.

On the other hand, a Software Developer earns an hourly rate of 20AUD, while a Cleaner earns 13 per hour. Both aforementioned employees have total weekly hours of 12 and 20 respectively. Despite the fact that Bar/Restaurant’s minimum salary of 19 per hour, it is the most popular workplace among all job categories with 6 respondents.

Generally, majority of the respondents’ Visa type is Student, followed by Working Holiday, and Sponsorship. In addition, approximately 95% of the total students interviewed answered that there is no previous experience needed in their job.

Geraldine Lagaras


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