An FCE Student talks about his experience at the workplace

I work at a Brazilian restaurant where everyone is a hard worker and most of the people are Brazilians.

Usually Brazilians are keen on parties, music, laughing out loud and enjoying the life unlimitedly. Can you imagine how much we were waiting for this party? After one year working in a busy restaurant?

Yes, finally the great day arrived, our boss bought the tickets for everybody to Wet’n’Wild in the day time, so it was something, but at night the boss had organised a brilliant surprise.

He booked a private space at Manly Wharf Hotel where everyone could drink and eat as much as they liked. Imagine a few hours starting the night party, because everyone was drunk and crazy, it was funny, everyone was happy and keen to have some kind of “relationship”. Can you understand? LOL.

In fact there was a lot of dating there that night and now everybody is already speaking about the next party.

staff party 1

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