A New Year … New Habits … And Other Things – INTERMEDIATE 1

I asked my class to submit their ideas and not only was it interesting to see that some of them had bagged to best places to watch fireworks but also were keen to get into the spirit of things by making New Years resolutions…hopefully at the end of the year they can revisit the blog and see if they have kept any!



first sunrise‘The First Sunrise’

I enjoyed the fireworks with my friends in Pirrama Park..they were amazing. I had a new experience in Australia. We went to a boat party at 3am. I was very tired because i had stayed up for 20 hours. I wanted to see the first sunrise of the year because in Japan many people see the first sunrise and decide on their New Year’s Resolutions. Mine is that I will ENJOY my Australian life more because I dont enjoy it enough. I will keep studying to improve my English.



‘Insights into Czech New Year celebrations’Borram Lee Fireworks

New Years Day in the Czech Republic is quite different to Australia. I think the main difference is that people in Australia really live for New Year’s fireworks because it’s known as the largest and most beautiful in the world. Now I can say its really amazing but the Czech republic is different. People back home spend New Year’s Eve with their families in local pubs or at the houses of friends. In the pubs the celebrations generally begin at 7pm. The beginning is always a welcome for the guests followed by a New Years Dinner. After dinner people talk sing and dance to celebrate the New Year and before midnight all the guests of the restaurants come out onto the street and watch the fireworks across the street, village or town. Fireworks are not so big back home because there are a lot and everyone can prepare their own. 



‘My cool homestay family’

I have been living with a family for 2 months.The father is Australian and the mother is Japanese. They have 2 boys..one is turning 5 soon and the other one is 2. The older brother can speak Japanese and English so I often learn English from him. We play together almost everyday. When we watch dvds I hold him on my lap. They really like jumping from the table or couch towards me! Then I catch them so I’ve got muscle pain sometimes but I enjoy playing with them. 

The mother is very interesting. She is very caring and I like to talk to her because she’s been here about 15 years.  When I talk to the father I have to speak English which is good for me. At first his accent was hard for me to understand but I have got used to hearing it now. He makes vegetable juice and every day the taste changes so we talk about the taste of the day. I LIKE IT! 



‘New Year’s Resolutions’Borram Lee (Rose) profile shot

My name is Rose and I have been here for more than 1 year so this was my second New Year in Australia. My feeling is that time flies like an arrow. I think that time is more  important than anything because we can’t rewind it. I was watching the fireworks while thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions.

1) I will write a diary every day using English

2) I’ll get a job

3) I will learn to sing English songs



‘Family On The Holidays’

How was your Christmas? I had a really fantastic time. I spent it with my cousin, her husband and his parents. I felt at ease. They were very kind to me. It reminded me of my childhood because adults spend Christmas day with their girlfriend or boyfriend in Japan but children spend it with their families. I think Christmas day with the family is good as well.




Miguel  Kangaroos‘Amazing Sydney Experiences’

the most amazing experiences for me was when I saw the Kangaroos in Morriset and New Year’s Eve. I could Miguel  with his girfriend and Fireworks in Sydfeel the expectation in myself and in the faces of everyone when the fireworks started. I was working but i was in a good place to see the show. I could repeat the night hundreds of thousands times more!


Miguel and Sydney Fireworks solo



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