A Day At The Museum – Intermediate Class

Last Thursday our class went to the Melbourne museum and took lots of photos.



This picture was taken from the front of the museum. We were glad and had fun going to the museum.



There are two similar snakes in this picture. In the museum, the snakes were longer than the Japanese ones. These snakes can eat a person.


The dinosaurs are not very happy with Aya ( left) and John( right), but Aya is happier than John. These dinosaurs are very realistic. We took some photos near the dinosaurs.


This picture is too dark and is not clear. But we look very happy! We enjoyed the museum very much!


Aya put her hand near the dinosaur’s hand. She compared her nail style with the dinosaurs nails, but we prefer Aya’s nails.


This insect looks like a leaf! Scary!


We saw lots of interesting animals!


Nuii was very happy and tried to copy the dinosaur. She was very surprised by the skeleton.



Marcio ( left) and Aya ( right) look like they were enjoying and loved each other ( ha ha). Marcio looked smart and handsome. Aya made a horn with her hand. They were enjoying the museum and looked like they were happy.


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