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This week, Pre Intermediate 2 wrote about their experiences of coming to a new country. Here are two examples of what the class wrote about.

Vanessa @Mcdonalds1) Vanessa Medina Acevedo

My first days in Australia

Before coming to Ability, all my friends said that life in a country with a different language was very difficult, but I thought that it couldn’t be so complicated. The first day I wanted to eat and I thought that the easiest option was to buy McDonalds, because I only needed to choose the number the meal… but NO! The employee asked me a lot of questions, that with my English level, I couldn’t understand. I felt like Charlie Brown when he heard his teacher! At the end I got the wrong hamburger, a large drink, large fries and an ice cream, and I only wanted a hamburger… lol! But now, after some weeks at Ability, to do different things is easier than before. Now I can buy anything without a problem, even my hamburger with my medium coke without ice.



2) Marco Antonio Ruiz NazirMarco Antonio-English Boo Boos

Boo boos!*

When I came to Ability… I thought “….nice… learning… classmates.. English… tests… 08.30… cool”, but forgot things such as cultures, such different food and most importantly “be polite Aussie style” … I thought like a typical latin guy.

My first “boo boo” was thinking that “asian guys” are all the same, same language, same ideas and “sushi” is food of China ..! ..etc.!! I realised I was totally wrong, really so ignorant, but it was great and wonderful that I learned the truth. They are so different and everyone has a special characteristic. I thought that they would kill me! hahahaha but… I certainly learned more than English.

If you asked me about the class …. I would say it’s so amazing and interesting.. I think that to learn “step by step” it´s  best to come to Australia.


*’boo boo’ is casual English for ‘mistake’.


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