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Adventures with Andrew Bukenya!


Our teacher Andrew Bukenya LOVES blogging!! So much so that he has collated material from the past four weeks, ready for his turn at the blog this week! Here are some of his adventures, and some testimonials from his students 🙂

30th September – Andrew took his students to the City Recital Hall for a classical music experience. Below is a testimonial from Takahito Nakamura, one of his Advanced students….

‘I went to a concert which was my first time to visit City Recital Hall. It is ‘ISRAEL CAMERATA JERUSALEM ORCHESTRA’. That was absolutely awesome! And then, I went to a concert which was ‘speak less than you know’ and I visited the Opera House! That was utterly fascinating. I didn’t expect this feeling before I went there. When I was watching the concert, I got goosebumps… I will probably start to play the violin as soon as possible because that was absolutely marvelous!! If I hadn’t come to Ability school, I wouldn’t have got the feeling. Thanks heaps Andrew!!!


And here is another testimonial from another Advanced student: Valentin Tack –

‘ I was very impressed by the City Recital Hall as I hadn’t expected such a nice and big concert hall to be hidden in the middle of Sydney’s busy business centre. The Israel Camerata Jerusalem Orchestra performed several great classical music symphonies accompanied by a skillful soloist who definitely stole the audience’s heart. Moreover, the never-ending claps brought him back on the scene so he could play an extra passage from Beethoven’s register. Obviously an experience I will never forget!’ 



Friday 7th October – Today Andrew’s Friday Options class made a brochure – Here are some images from that day, and a thought about Friday classes from Serap, from Turkey –

‘ My name is Serap from Turkey. Friday class make me relax people. I enjoy on Friday so much and also meet different friends. Thank you very much Andrew 🙂 




14th October Excursion  – Andrew took his class on excursion  – a walking tour, through Hyde park and the State Library, where they saw a garden exhibition. Finally they ended up in the Botanical Gardens and a lovely view of Sydney and the Conservatorium.

andrewfirstfridayexcursion5 andrewfirstfridayexcursion4 andrewfirstfridayexcursion2 andrewfirstfridayexcursion7 andrewfirstfridayexcursion6


‘Today we visited state library of 

Sydney and Botanical Gardens. It was fantastic!’  – Ricardo Rodrigues (Brazil) ELEM 2


Hello Andrew,

How are you? I’m fine. I went to many

 wonderful  places today. I had a very

nice time. Thank you. I will study in a library after school.



Carina’s Pre-Int class have fun with Pictionary!!

The activity we did was Passive Pictionary. The students were divided into two groups. Each group had to draw a picture and the other group had to guess the sentence which was in the Passive voice. The students had a lot of fun guessing the sentences from each other’s pictures – especially when the drawings were hilarious!!   Carina

carinablogshot1 carinablogshot3 carinablogshot4 carinablogshot5

Sarah’s big, crazy, Elementary and Pre-Int family!!

My Elem and pre int classes are like a big, crazy family. We recently had two picnics, one at the beach and one at Wolli Creek. We played soccer and had a bbq and it was awesome fun. When students first arrive they often feel shy and really want to make friends. I think its so nice how the students have formed such strong friendship. They really look out for one another and i feel so blessed to be a party of this big, crazy family! Til next time, Sarah xxx

img-20161006-wa0028 img-20161006-wa0033 img-20161006-wa0018 img-20161006-wa0006


Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout Excursion with Dylan

Today was Excursion day for Pronunciation class! They decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather (29 degrees!!) and go on an excursion the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout.Getting there means one train and around 400 steps, but the students decided that it was really worth it in the end!!


Keita models his outfit at Central Station 🙂


Soo Yeon and Yumiko battling the wind at the top of the Pylon



Pronunciation class enjoying a unique perspective of the Harbour Bridge 🙂



A few words to describe Keita. Hahahahaaa!!!!



Soo Yeon, Mizuki, Yumiko and Ellaine are all ready to climb to the top!!












Matt’s Int Plus class create their own idea for a festival :-)

Matt Murphy and his Intermediate Plus class explored the theme of Festivals this week, which led them to consider what kind of Festival they would create if they had the chance! Here is one of the most creative from his class!

The National Platypus Festival – by Jose, Natsumi and Andres

It’s the most famous festival which happens in Australia every year in Woolloomooloo. It attracting

over 300,000 people. This year’s festival was very successful. People attending were mainly families.

The main focus is to teach children the importance of preserve the funniest animal in the world.

There are many platypuses that children can touch and swim with. There are a lot of performances

for children with fmous children’s singers dressed as platypus, with the beak and beaver tail.

The festival always brings new attractions and for that reason it is always a huge success.

For the next year they promised to install a giant platypus roller coaster. We are already anxious for

the next festival!


Terence’s Elementary class explore the globe from their classroom –

Group presentations in Elementary class this week saw students using the information they had read to teach their classmates about megacities. The Tokyo team, Mumbai team, and Mexico City team all took on the challenge of making a presentation for the class and did a fantastic job!!


Making posters for their presentations 🙂


Team Tokyo is the coolest!


Almost done!


Team Mexico presenting their Mega City to the rest of the class


Proud team Mumbai!!!