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Survivor’s Santa Spectacular

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Christmas came early at Melbourne Ability yesterday afternoon.  The Survivor class arranged some special Christmas games and activities.  There was eating off a string, a surprise wasabi sandwich and a lucky dip.  I really liked the Christmas songs too.  The winner for best performance was Intermediate 6. Well done everyone!  We all had a great time.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Wa-ter great way to spend your Friday!

Today, the students at Melbourne took a trip to SeaLife Aquarium in the city!

They encountered fierce crocodiles, cute penguins, and of course lots of cool fish!

Everyone had a great time, and it put us in the mood for summer and going to the beach (but without the crocodiles!)

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Survivor Class Games Day

In our afternoon class today, the Survivor Class created a Games day for us to enjoy.  There were many fun activities like pictionary, jenga, and guess the celebrity.  We all had a lot of fun!

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Market Day

Yesterday, we finished the week with Market day!

In our classes, we spent the week creating games, market stalls, and activities that we could sell for Market Day!  You could buy massages, beauty treatments, love letters, play carnival games, get a haircut, learn to dance salsa, and have your name written in many different languages!

And the best part!  We got to keep ALL of the money we made at the end!! $$$$$$$$$$$$20160922_141112  20160922_14155320160922_140741 20160922_140246 20160922_134808  20160922_133512 20160922_13344420160922_134111


Ability Olympics!

Forget about the Olympics in Brazil,  the real Olympics happened in Melbourne!

Melbourne students of all levels, nationalities and ages joined in the special Ability Olympics created by our wonderful Survivor class.  Students participated in a number of activities including the sack race, musical chairs, and the FOUR legged race!  Our eventual winners took home a CASH prize.  So much more exciting than a gold medal!

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