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Questions, Questions, Questions!


Our Intermediate 2 class have been learning and practising questions this week. Today the students did a fun, interactive speaking activity where they had to practice all of the question forms they had learned and they got to know each other a lot better too!


car pic 2

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The students look like they had a great time and improved their speaking skills at the same time!

!car pic 1



A Visit To The Art Gallery Of New South Wales

Our elementary class took a trip to The Art Gallery Of NSW last week where they took part in a paper figure making workshop. Take a look at some photos below and a description of the day written by one of the students.

pic 6

pic 4pic 3

Written by an Ability Student Edit Esther Cabrera Navarrete 

We went to an excursion with teachers and classmates. Firstly, we went to a park called Hyde Park on Elisabeth Street that is near Botanic Garden.

At that place we took many photos and we talked to each other. After that we were in the Art Gallery where there were many paintings and we were admiring them. It is a beautiful place. The building is the most exciting that I have ever seen. All of us were making paper figures. We had a lot of fun. Before we left, we took some photos of everyone.

After that, it was lunch time so we decided to go to a food court in George Street where there was a variety of food. We were undecided because everything looked so good but I felt like sushi so I had it and it was amazing.

Finally, each person went their own way home. This excursion has been awesome and a very fun experience.

pic 2


Upper Plus – Book Reviews

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This week our Upper Plus class have been talking a lot about the arts – learning new vocabulary on the topic, discussing paintings, photography and sculptors and reviewing films and books too.

The students worked on writing a review for a book that they have read.  Justine Yansenne from Belgium wrote a review on The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. Take a look at Justine’s review and hopefully it will inspire you to read more..


Review- The Alchemist

Have you ever dreamed about finding a big treasure? Have you ever wanted to travel all around the world? Have you ever wondered about the real meaning of your life? I am sure that  you already have. So this totally absorbing and moving book is for you.

First, lets have a look at a little summary of this terrific story written by the inspirational Paulo Coelho. Santiago, the main character, is a young shepherd boy. He lives in Anolarusia where he has an ordinary and monotonous life. But one day, while he was sleeping in an abandoned church, he had a dream about a treasure which was near to the Egyptian Pyramids. After that night he had the same dream every night.

He finally decided to leave his ordinary life to follow his dream, his “Personal Legend”.. He meets a lot of strange people on his journey and learn a lot from them. Is he going to find that treasure? You will know if you read it.

I think this novel is a really thought-provoking and compelling story. It is a totally groundbreaking novel for the philosophical genre. All nature lovers must read it! Through this amazing book, you will understand that there’s no better place than home and that sometimes, we only need to look beyond our bias..


What a great piece of writing- Thank you for contributing Justine. I am sure this will encourage other students to read more.

Survivor Tour of The Rocks

Our Survivor class took some students on a wonderful tour of the  Rocks area of Sydney last week. They showed the students some key locations in the area and also took them to see some local secrets!survivor 3

Each student was given a list of vocabulary in their class before the tour and then the survivor students tested them with a quiz!!survivor 56

Our Survivor students practised language for getting people’s attention, emphasizing, asking questions and they also worked on their intonation. Well done guys. You did a great job.


xurvivor 6

Smiles all around!

” What a Life” Photography Exhibition with Advanced


andrew 4

One of our advanced teachers Andrew describes the day below.

We took our advanced classes to the ‘What a Life‘ an exhibition of rock photography by renowned Australian Photographer Tony Mott at the State Library. We initiated the idea to tie in with the theme of Celebrity which is the topic.

The students were provided with a worksheet with a wide range of questions that they could find the answers to through reading descriptions, team work and listening to interviews via the video clips which gave them insights into the Australian music scene and iconic performers as well as backstage narratives to international performers as well.

Read Remy’s thoughts on the exhibition below.

“If you like Rock’n’Roll and photographs, this exhibition is definitely unavoidable!
Visiting this fantastic photographs gallery one week after being at the AC/DC concert, I felt like I was a little child in a toys store back in the 80’s atmosphere, which is a time that I unfortunately couldn’t live…
Tony Mott, who is a great talented photographer, permitted me to learn more about the rebellious life of a Rock Star.
And to top it all, this event happend in a beautiful old library…what more ?”

Rémy Thiebaut (Advanced 1)

Take a look at some of the photography below or go to the website  to check out more › Exhibitions & events › Exhibitions

download       download (1)images

Our advanced classes below:)

andrew 2





The Macleay Museum with Upper Plus

Upper Plus 2 took a trip to Sydney University this week where they explored the Macleay Museum.


The Macleay Museum is a small museum situated amongst the sandstone buildings of Sydney University. The Museum is tucked away on the top floor of the MacLeay Building at the University and holds the oldest natural history collection in Australia.

Take a look at some of snaps our Upper Plus class took below.

Justin 2 Justin jt

After an educational day at the museum it was time for some lunch! Churros yum!

justin 4

A good day all round!!!


Coogee Beach Fun!

pic 8 blog

Our Elementary classes went on their end of cycle excursion to the beautiful Coogee Beach last week. Despite the rain, the students enjoyed a bbq near the beach and played a few games of football too! After lunch the students braved the wind and rain and walked up to the cliffs where they saw the Coogee Baths. Looks like they had a brilliant time. Great pictures guys!

Pic 1 blog

Cooking up a yummy BBQ!!

pic 3 blogpic 5 blog

A little bit windy!!!

pic 7 blogPic 2 blog

Job Applications


Our upper intermediate students have been talking about jobs and careers recently. In class with their teacher Dirk they created some great cover letters. Read Barbara’s letter below and you may get some tips !                                                                                                                                                               Image result for career                         

6 August 2015

Mr Roger Anderson

Star Tower International

306 Millers Lane



Dear Mr Anderson,


I am applying for the post of a tour guide which I saw advertised in the last edition of Bondi Junction News two days ago. Please find enclosed my resume.

I feel I have many of the relevant qualifications for this job. Since graduating from university I have been working as a tour guide in several areas around Sydney. Bondi Junction is my favourite, most interesting area. I have worked extensively with tourists and I know the area well including the most important sights. I am twenty eight years old with excellent English. I have really good organisational skills and enjoy meeting people.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely,

Barbara LeLandvai.