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My Elementary Class Sydney

My classmates are surprising, because for example, when it rains, Bohdana washed her feet.

My classmates are surprising, because for example, when it rains, Bohdana washed her feet.

My class is very beautiful because we are students that come from everywhere in the world. I feel myself that I am very lucky because I have the possibility to compare my experiences with a lot of different people..(PEDRO, Italy).

I think when I came here on the first day, I was worried about everything but now I am happy and I have fun with my friends everyday (TICHA, Thailand)

This is Saoru. She is a top model from Japan but she changed her class. We miss her very much (Xenia, Brazil)

This is Saoru. She is a top model from Japan but she changed her class. We miss her very much (Xenia, Brazil)

My class is CRAZY. We are all from different countries; Czech, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Chile, Brazil and Colombia. They are always funny. Bohdana is like a mum, power man Paolo is like a father and the other students are cute. My teacher is a good teacher in Ability. He is funny and changes his fashion everyday. During the time studying he makes us smile, we are happy.

We had Saoru’s birthday. It was fun. We had cake and drank coke and then we took some pictures (QUOC, Vietnam)

We had Saoru’s birthday. It was fun. We had cake and drank coke and then we took some pictures (QUOC, Vietnam)

St Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach is one of the nearest place to the city centre where you can see the ocean. It’s a beautiful beach situated in St Kilda suburb in South Melbourne and you can get there catching the tram number 112 or 79. When you go to that place , especially in the summer, you can meet many young and funny people. Crossing The Esplanade St you arrive at the luna park, the small fair ground with a really beautiful wood roller coaster. Then it is Acland St where you can eat any types of food and there are many different stores.


The first impression to St Kilda Beach is amazing to see how the ocean is open and you can see the big skyline of the city from there. The ocean is very quiet and the wind blown strongly sometimes. Suddenly opened the store street. You can find many restaurants an untypical stores like “San Churro”


  • St Kilda have a many good points, let’s do this in topics, about the most famous place there
  • Acland Street:  Its is the where you find a lot of cafes and restaurants, also there have a favorite backpackers to tourists, because is very close to St Kilda’s beaches.
  • Upper Esplanade: A location where you have fantastic views of the bay.
  • Lower Esplanade: Opposite the beach and beachside restaurants, it is know for a number of landmarks, including Luna Park fun fair.
  • Luna Park: Historic fun fair that is the best know St Kilda land marc, there have the oldest roller coaster in Australia.


  • There isn’t surf because the beach wave is small

After the discourse we conclude that St Kilda beach is a good place to go in summer, if you never have been there, you should go. But just go to enjoy the landscape and the food. You must go with money if you liked buy and eat.

The Lion Hotel

Lion Hotel Pub

The Lion Hotel pub is located on level  of Melbourne Central. The style of pub is an old style and it is decorated by dark wood. In fact, when you go in there it is dark but don’t worry about that because there is a spot light to show where you want to go

Lion Hotel is where the Ability students go to party and everybody enjoys it. We went there last time ( Thursday party , Halloween night) We were enjoyed the spaciousness, plenty of room , plenty of tables and the crowd were a mix all sort of people around 20-40 that were not pretentious at all , and have to say we were very comfortable. We started on the dance floor and didn’t get off for two hours. It was good sound that thankful was not too loud.

However, they have bad points, too. You can’t smoke in there, so if you want to smoke, you have to go out and quite far from the pub. It’s really uncomfortable to smoke outside. And the last one, the food is not cheap. In case you should eat before you go in there. Anyway, Lion Hotel pub is a great place to go for a drink and dance, we are planning on going back next week.




It’s  a comedy TV show from the 90’s there are six members in friends, It’s talking about their  relationship and their love, family   and jobs. the background is in Manhattan New York .

There are three beautiful women and three handsome men, monica, phoebe, ross, joey, chandler,and rachel. all of them are famous  actors and actress in the USA, sometimes they invite other famous stars to join them, in some case they were not always funny it can be serious sometimes.


You can see the USA culture from the 90’s and streets and modern and old building around the city. you can see the way they live in their apartments and their jobs.


  • You can see western culture and fashion.
  • They use colloquial language and simple words to speak, that’s helpful for  people who wants to learn English.
  • You can see many super stars in the show.
  • You can learn some modern slang from the USA.
  • Of course you can see beautiful and handsome people and different customs .


  • Maybe you can learn some swear words from American  TV shows.
  • They speak informal language
  • Some of them have complicated relationship.


Anyway it’s easy when you see this kind of show it’s better for you to improve your speaking and learning English when you watch television.

Summer KickOff

Firday 19 November 2010 – Get down to side bar before 9:00pm in your beach wear + mojo gear to receive a free drink! Heaps of massive giveaways, spot prizes + merchandise given away on the night!

Summer Kickoff - Sidebar

Phillip Island

If you go to Phillip Island you can’t miss the next things.

Phillip IslandPenguin parade (nature park)

PenguinsIs a place where penguins return to their home after going fishing. The spectator can observe the sunset while the penguins are walking.

OPINION: Beautiful place but bad organization and rules. The spectators are sitting very far and can’t take photography of spectacle and can’t move off their seats.

Churchill Island Farm

Is a heritage farm located in North East of Phillip Island where you can meet animals, old customs and daily farming activities: cow milking, blacksmithing, sheep shearing and working dog demonstration.

OPINION: In my opinion is a good place for go with your family (children’s). Inconvenient is you need a car for go, because public transport doesn’t

Scenic Flights –  Phillip Island Helicopters

Is possible to visit the island in helicopter. Many companies show its scenery from air. Price $70 – $195 per person.



Koalas are cute.

It is a beautiful place! It’s purpose is the conservation of the most famous animal in Australia – the Koala! It is also an excellent opportunity for tourists and public in general to have contact with nature.


People around the word love the chocolates! It is possible to know a good factory of this food in Phillip Island. When you arrive at the Chocolate Factory in Phillip Island, you will be offered one of Panny’s ‘secret recipe’ White Truffles, a delicious and typical chocolate of factory.


Many races are performed in Phillip Island Circuit. The most famous is the Moto race speed race. To people that love the speed, it is a very good program.

Female Toilet Secrets

Talking about female secrets is easy for us women, especially inside a female toilet.We know men are curious about it, but they can`t understand ours minds. To understand a female mind, a man must think and feel like a woman.

So, the biggest questions in men`s minds are “Why girls can’t go alone to the toilet, what they do, and why they spend so much time there”?

OK, we can answer the questions, but first you have to answer our questions. “How can you spend so little time in the toilet and why can’t you wash your hands before leaving the toilet??”