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The PROs and CONs of having a Smartphone – An Upper Intermediate joint essay

Here is our class essay from our upper intermediate class. We divided into pairs and each pair wrote a paragraph. Our topic was the pros and cons of smartphones.

looking at phoneSmartphones have become a big part of people’s lives The younger generation are particularly dependent on their phones. There are benefits and drawbacks. This essay will look at both sides.

First of all, a smartphone makes communication east because everyone has a smartphone and they can work almost anywhere around the world and we can talk with anybody wherever we are, for example on a cruise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or flying between the clouds. skype phoneAlso, if you are living outside your country, you can keep in touch with your family, for example by skype, which is more simple and cheaper than a call.

The second point is that smartphones have a lot of useful apps. For example, you are new in Sydney and you have to meet friends at the Opera House. You need to search which bus you have to take. So, you use Google Maps.

Lastly, some apps available on smartphones can help you get in touch with old friends. We can talk about Facebook, the biggest social network in the world, where you only need to know the name of someone to speak to him or her easily, quickly, and contact people around the world.

Although smartphones have a lot of advantages, they can also become a disease for society. Firstly, you might not live a real life if you put too much focus on your virtual life, caring about exposing personal things to show good parts of your daily life. lost in round Nowadays, everything is about smartphones. When you go to a restaurant you can see a lot of people living their own lives through a smartphone screen without enjoying the time with their friends.

Another point is that smartphones are really bad for your health. The electro-magnetic waves can cause cancer and disease. For example, if you keep your phone in your pocket all the time, you can become sterile. You can’t sleep well. Phones can affect your eyes if you use them for a long time.

A final and very important point is that people become dependent on technology. Although technology has many drawbacks, there are some benefits when it plays a significant role in your life. For instance, people can do transactions via mobile phones. As well as this, they use technology for online shopping. Therefore, technology has become an important element in people’s lives.

funny smartphone


EAP 2 Presentation Time!!!! Read all about one student’s trip to Western Australia :)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mariana Simas and today I would like to tell you about a place called Mitchell Falls. So as part of my EAP class I had to do some research on Australia and I discovered this amazing place which I would like to visit someday!

Mitchell falls is the major attraction of the Mitchell Plateau, a city in one of the nine regions of Western Australia- at Kimberly. As you can see from the photo below Mitchell falls is a beautiful cascade that has four over layers of rock into a deep pool. It is the second highest Waterfall in the state! Mitchell falls far

I decided this was a good place to present to my class as I had never heard of it and I think its a place we need to visit! Looking at the images of Mitchell falls the landscape is just stunning, a real oasis,it looks like paradise!

Wunambal peopleYou may find it interesting to know that the aboriginal people lived on the land for thousands of years and they are known as the Wunambal people. For any of you animal lovers biologists have found more than 220 bird species, 50 different mammals, and 88 types of amphibians and reptiles in the area!croc 

So if any of you are planning a trip and you enjoy the outdoors and camping,  think about this place which I believe would be an unforgettable experience. Mitchell PlateauIt is a remote area which is difficult to get to but it is recommended to go by four wheel drive, even better!  Australia is rich in amazing landscape from East to West and we should take advantage of that!

I hope you have enjoyed my presentation and it inspires you to go off the beaten track, Mariana.Mitchell falls close

Meet Shu… One of our Pronunciation Students :)


Shu a 20 year-old university student from Osaka. He’s very ambitious and wants to forge his own path in life. He plans to go to Canada when he graduates to improve his English skills even more.

canada lawn

 Yesterday he took part in completed the Sydney marathon in just under 5 hours. Today he said “I’m sore, my legs ache when I stand up”. This language is something that we practiced in class last week, so I was happy to hear it.

 sydney marathon

When I asked him how much he trained beforehand, he said “I went running once every two weeks for two hours.” Not much preparation for a marathon!

He’s a positive person who is never late and never misses class. That’s something all teachers love.


 This is Shu practicing the “r” sound in English, because he would like to be able to say ‘rock and roll’ instead of ‘let’s go’. Here he looks pretty tired, but I think we can forgive him, don’t you?



Let’s go shopping with Pre-Intermediate 2!!!!

This week the pre intermediate afternoon class had some fun practising language for shopping. During the week we had studied numbers, prices, food quantifiers and polite language for shopping.


On Thursday afternoon we created posters to use the language in context.


 Each student became a shopkeeper!


Ranging from Edmar’s bottle shop to Midori’s Australian animal shop! There was a great selection of things to buy! Shoes, clothes, bread, cosmetics! Even an emu!


Making posters and role playing!


Read all about one EAP student’s opinion of English as the Global Language :)

Nowadays English is the predominant language around the world. Maybe English is not the most spoken language, as Mandarin is spoken by more people, but Mandarin is not spoken outside China. (Dip 2008)

People have always been obsessed with language and the proof of that is called “Esperanto”. At the beginning, Esperanto was created to be the universal language, but in fact right now “only a relative minority speak it” (Forsloff 2009)

It is evident with an international language, many things would be easier: communication, immigration, international transactions, international treks, travel and a long etcetera. But how much would the cost of that be?

globe hands

Terry Dip (2008) said, “Our different languages have developed who we are, our history, our heritage, our culture, our identity.” In my opinion, that is true, and this would be the price, and this would be a great disadvantage.

Probably the solution would be a mix of both positions, people using English for travel and for business but people using their own language as well. For doing this the new technologies which would allow translation online and in real time will be absolutely necessary. In my opinion the technology in this area will be a very important point in the future.

english scrabble

I’m aware of the high cost of translating. “In the EU the annual translation costs are over $1 billion USD” (Dip 2008). However, I believe this cost will be less in the next few years due to free software such as Google Translate. It is obvious right now that the technology for translation is pretty deficient, but the technology improves extremely fast and probably in a few years it will be possible for people to talk to each other even if the people talking don’t know English or any common language.

For all of that, in my opinion, despite there being many advantages of English as a global language, we mustn’t lose our own identity, our own culture and our own way of speaking and for that we can only use our own language.

Christian Navarro Diaz



Intermediate 1 write about their life in Oz and this year’s World Cup!!!

Hi! I’m Andrew and I teach Int 1 at Ability. My class were really interested in chatting/ blogging about their work and world cup experiences so I thought I would share just  some of them with the world. Actuallly, they were so interested in talking that it was difficult to make them write anything, but they were very keen to swap experiences with each other. The result was that they paired up to get their experiences on paper and provided some interesting insights into student life in Oz.

THE 3 MUSKATEERS..CLAUDIA ‘CONNY’ SERONE, CAMILA MORALES GUZMAN (CHILE) and BURAK YILDRIM (TURKEY)these cool cats all work together at EFENDI (, a beautiful Turkish restaurant in Balmain..a glance at the menu will show you why they are packed out every sunday for breakfast!

yum yum

“Every Sunday I wake up at 6am to be at work…at 6.00 on Sunday!!! We have to take the 7am bus to start work at 7.30am. Burak is a chef, he cooks the best breakfast in Sydney. Turkish breakfast of course!! He is the best chef!!

Camilla and I run all over the restaurant, the whole morning…UF!! (phew!!). She brings the coffees, teas and drinks to the tables, she has great balance. I do the same with the plates, really big and heavy; I have bigger muscles!! We have to run up and down the stairs with glasses and plates..all that running.

The restaurant is very busy..every Sunday we attend 200 customers just in the morning!. The people start to come at 8AM. For me they are crazy people; sunday in the morning is for SLEEP. I love my job because I work with my favourite classmates: Camile, Burak and ME..the 3 Muskateers

EUN YOUNG KANG (Korea)..We all scream for ICE CREAM!!

I love Ice Cream (especially) when I eat a yogurberry ice cream so I applied to the manager of the yogurberry shop and finally i became a staff member so I can eat ice cream.

The shop is in Chatswood so you can get there easily. Are you worried about your body? Don’t worry! The ice cream is frozen yogurt so it is low in calories; low fat and naturally sweet because it is made from fruits. There are 8 flavours and you can choose the toppings and pay by the ice cream quantity. You should visit soon!

yummi dessert


My name is Michel and I have a funny friend from Turkey. His name is Burak. I work in a Brazilian restaurant and he works in a Turkish one. We have both worked as kitchen hands for a long time and had lots of good and bad experiences. Sometimes the restaurant is too busy, the bosses become crazy people and we have to work like dogs..

However it is a good experience because we can learn English and enjoy different kinds of food..YUMMY YUMMY! In addition i love it when the restaurant closes. In this way i can pick up some food to take away. This is the best moment.

FLAVIO (ITALY). flavio also works as a kitchen hand and learnt a new word “SKEWER” (verb)..describing the injury  he did to his hand OUCH!!!!! 


Definitely when you are out of your country, things are completely different. Love for your country is more strong and the desire to meet with people from the same place is big. This month is a brilliant time to get together with Chileans because it’s the world cup in Brazil!

My favourite place to watch the games is the Star Casino. It has many big screen TVs and the beer isn’t too expensive…i am sure there are a few of you who are now keen to check out some of the cafes where our students work..SEE YOU THERE!!!

Int 1




An Insightful Observation from One of Our Advanced Evening Students :)

I want to go home?

expens syd

How much???

And so perhaps you are disappointed with Australia? The weather is not as nice as you might have expected, or life in Sydney is too expensive?

coffee money

No I just said ONE coffee…

b and w syd

Concrete jungle…

Obviously there are plenty of things that are different to where you are from. Some are strange, some could not be more confronting, but guess what? That is exactly the beauty of travelling and exploring other cultures.

the rock

Everything that back home you would never do, like planning a trip across a continent with people you just met, or helping a complete stranger find a job – in other words, staying open and not being afraid of saying ‘yes’, is becoming a part of who you are here.

Admittedly, when faced with everyday problems I also seemed to have forgotten why I came here, and, apart from learning and improving my English language skills, I didn’t see the choices and opportunities that were right in front of me.cloudy stormy city

Mt Wellington. Adventure Racing. Swisse Mark Webber Challenge 2013. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. 01/12/2013. Photo By Lucas WroeSo why don’t you stop for a moment, think of where you are and what you really what to do with your time here and, just like me, simply enjoy for what might be the greatest adventure of your life.jump for joy

By an ingithful and anonymous student. 




Look at this amazing writing from Upp3!!!!

Hello everybody! Dylan here, reporting in from my amazing Upper Intermediate class! Last week, I asked my class to write about the most dangerous situations they have ever been in and they didn’t disappoint! Their stories were sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining and really showed off their talent for telling a dramatic story. For this blog post, I thought I’d share some of their incredible stories with you!

The first story comes from a student from the Czech Republic. She wrote about her experience getting stranded in the middle of the Egyptian desert! lost in the desert

We were on the road for hours when our car stopped for no reason. We couldn’t find any fault with it and had no idea where we were. Our phones had no signal and we couldn’t see anybody for miles. Two girls, lost in the desert with no water. We were absolutely terrified!’ 

‘We waited for hours. We were thirsty, exhausted and hot. It was terrible! Luckily, someone drove past. We jumped and waved at them and they stopped to rescue us. We spent the rest of our vacation in the resort because it was safe.’

A fantastic story! But things took a spooky turn with this story from Italy. big-scary-eyes--large-1097962880-msg-15688-3

‘The earliest memory of something dangerous happening to me is when I was three. I remember waking up in the middle of the night scared, so I walked to my parent’s bedroom. But on the way, I noticed something in the window staring at me. I can’t really explain the terror, except I felt it all the way to my core. It felt like its eyes were burning just staring at me. It disappeared and I ran into my parent’s bedroom. I’ve been paranoid about sleeping with open windows ever since!’ 

Scary stuff! But my favourite this week comes from Korea. A very honest story about forgetting to do English homework and trying to rush it to get it back to class on time!

‘It’s 11.09pm on Sunday night and I’m really scared. I can hear gunfire and explosions and screaming. My flatmates are watching a movie in the living room. I wish they would finish so I can go to sleep. But I can’t sleep. I have to finish this story first. I’m not sure if I’ll finish it on time. And I’m not using enough adverbs! I’ll probably be late to class tomorrow.’ study stress

For the record, he made it to class on time.

The whole class did an amazing job and made me so proud to be their teacher. I wish I could share all of them with you because they all deserve recognition. Their stories ranged from supernatural, to adventure to crime thriller and I had a great time reading them all. I can’t wait to see what they have for me next week!

Until then, take care everybody!