Market Day

Yesterday, we finished the week with Market day! In our classes, we spent the week creating games, market stalls, and activities that we could sell for Market Day!  You could buy massages, beauty treatments, love letters, play carnival games, get a haircut, learn to dance salsa, and have your name written in many different languages! […]

Ability Olympics!

Forget about the Olympics in Brazil,  the real Olympics happened in Melbourne! Melbourne students of all levels, nationalities and ages joined in the special Ability Olympics created by our wonderful Survivor class.  Students participated in a number of activities including the sack race, musical chairs, and the FOUR legged race!  Our eventual winners took home a […]

Melbourne Market


Do you know any famous foods from Australia? We went to the South Melbourne Market and tried one….it’s called a ‘dim sim’. It’s kind of like a huge dumpling. We also tasted many different cheeses, dips, pastries and other yummy stuff 🙂